Improve your Gut, Skin and Brain

Improves Gut Health & Immune Function

Helps Boost Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

Protects Cognitive Health


The Missing Link to Optimal Health

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The Miracle Molecule

BLACKOXO (NuWTR) Fulvic Acid

Before the rise of industrial agriculture depleted the nutrients from our soils, the earth that our foods were grown in was rich in fulvic acid making everything grown in it more robust in nutrient delivery. Much of the chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance problems and nutrient deficiencies experienced by people nowadays can be remedied by fulvic acid. Not only does it bond with nutrients and micro-nutrients, but this nano-sized molecule allow them easy entry through cell walls, giving increased energy!

Fulvic acid itself contains an assortment of fatty acids, hormones, vitamins, minerals, ketones, and flavonoids, nutrients needed for healthy cell and body development – among other nutritional benefits. Studies also show that fulvic acid contributes to better nutrient absorption, improved digestive health, and even slows down the aging process.

It’s like a Super-Booster for all the nutrients you take in!

Three Easy Ways to Take Your Fulvic Minerals


NuWTR Fulvic Tablets

Simple and easy to use, just drop the tablet into a 500ml glass of water and drink.

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NuWTR Fulvic Care

Drop 2.5g into a 500ml glass of water and drink or put it in your bath, or use it as a facial mud mask.

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Mineral Infused Coffee

Get the benefits of mineralizing your body while enjoying your coffee ritual at the same time.

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Our Client's Speaks for us

I can think clearer, I have tons of energy for my 4 boys and they sleep through the night now after drinking BlackOxygen water for only 4 weeks now.
Jessica Ashley
I had some serious digestive issue for a long time and after using BlackOxygen for a few months I was regular again and have never felt more energetic in my life.
Dave Bykowski
I was at my wits end with the pain from a car accident I had a few years back, this product has taken my pain away and given me a zest for life again. Saved my life!
Cheryl Price
As a nutritionist, I never knew about Fulvic Minerals and now that I use them, I no longer wake up at 3 am every night and I noticed my muscle tone is improving. I love this product.
Dorie Hanson
I had to stop on walks with my husband almost every block, now he can’t keep up with me. This product is life changing.
Brenda Young

100% Guaranteed
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If you are not 100% satisfied, contact support within thirty days and get a full refund of the product purchase price.

Scientific Research

BLACKOXO (NuWTR) Fulvic Acid

Independent Scientific Research Shows Fulvic Acid Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Most Powerful Electrolyte in Existence
  • 70+ Trace Minerals
  • Reduces Oxidative Stress
  • Alkalizing
  • Supports Healthy Circulation
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Helps Balance Hormones
  • Improves Brain Function, Memory, Mood
  • Removes Toxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides
  • Cell Regenerating
  • Enhances, Repopulates Gut Flora
  • Improves Immune Function

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